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ISO Shredder - Coarse, set of 2 INTRO PRICING

ISO Shredder - Coarse, set of 2 INTRO PRICING

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The new patent pending, Phase II coarse ISOShredder shape makes cleaning and shaving excess spray foam a breeze! The coarse ISO shape is perfect for quick cleanup of high volume removal or extra thick overspray of closed or open cell foam. Larger chip size is less staticky and sized for easy vacuuming. All the composite options are particularly useful over metal stud substrates and areas with pvc/plumbing. As always watch for nails, screws, plates, and jutting framework or other obstacles. Must be used on Eastwood SCT tool with patent pending ISOShredder core.

Weight of tool with composite drum approx. 7#

*Expected ship date within 2 business days*

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