About Us



The RRC Tools team is a startup company born in Wisconsin out of an enthusiasm for foam and a deep desire to improve long standing foam work challenges.

Having worked on hundreds of spray foam job sites and dealing with the struggles of 2# closed cell spray foam on various types of substrates such as wood and steel, we came to the conclusion that the tools readily available had many shortcomings: too heavy and cumbersome, were expensive and dulled quickly, were inefficient, could gouge too deep into the substrates causing damage, and more. This stole a lot of fun out of this otherwise addicting career, and also lowered the profit margin on projects. We made it our goal to create a balanced solution product that works great and is easier on a company pocketbook and the backs of its people.

After varieties of prototype development, testing and retesting, the team is finally offering their excitement over the ISO Shredder to the public. Now anyone working with spray foam can take advantage of this time and back saving product.


We are continuing on this path with more tools, more adaptations to our designs, and products to help in this awesome foam industry! Thank you for being a part of this industry and our journey alongside you in it.