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4 Point Barrel Lifting Strap

4 Point Barrel Lifting Strap

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55 gallon barrel lifting strap using 4 point pickup. For single barrel loading and unloading with a forklift. Lifting capacity 1,000#. Do not use for overhead lifting. Ring color may vary.

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Warnings: Failure to comply with warnings may result in sling failure and/or severe personal injury or death. Inspect sling for damage before each use. Web slings shall always be protected from being cut by all corners, edges, protrusions, or abrasive surfaces with protection sufficient for the intended job. Do not use sling above rated lifting capacity. Do not use sling if capacity tag is removed or not readable. Do not use sling if there are signs of cut webbing, heat or chemical damage, excessive wear, or other defects. If any of the above conditions exist, sling should be removed from service. Sunlight or ultraviolet light degrades the strength of slings. Not for use with flammable products. Before lifting, confirm that hooks are properly engaged and that the lifting ring is properly seated and secure. Always stand clear of lifted loads.

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